Welcome to Integrated Veterans Services, LLC

Integrated Veterans Services offers a single point of purchasing for many Green Technologies and IT Products, from companies such as Apple, Cisco, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Lenovo, McAfee, Microsoft, Sony, Symantec, and Seal Shield patent pending waterproof technology along with hundreds of others—all which can be purchased through IVS . Tech Data is the conduit through which the power of technology flows to the world. IVS can give you access to a vast array of technology products, including networking devices, server and storage hardware, notebooks and desktop computers, printers and scanners, HD TVs, cameras, peripheral products and accessories, power devices, as well as operating systems and security, business intelligence and other office productivity software applications which can be shipped out one of Tech Data’s 24 logistics centers worldwide.

IVS is also your source for Ecovim products. Ecovim product solutions provides innovative solutions for organic waste reduction and conversion. We help you meet city, state, federal and corporate diversion goals. Ecovim products provide technology which dehydrates this food waste in hours. The reduction in volume can be as high as 90%, leaving only 10% of the original mass processed. The output product is a highly concentrated organic soil amendment which can be used in the landscape or garden. The only other by-product is reclaimable water which can be used in the landscape.